Saturday, 5 January 2013

Day 5 : Life interferes.

Life, well Mrs R really, has got in the way of doing anything much with the code today. However, I do have a working .jar file and a CP1610 binary file which is a demo which displays characters on the screen, beeps, and responds to the keyboard.

However, it does not have the sound yet, so those demanding tweets ...... will have to wait a little while (probably till tomorrow morning).

This shows it running. There are four windows visible here on my Gnome Desktop. Top Left is the Gimini display windows. Bottom Left is the code in the editor (rubbish bodge code for testing but it works). Top right you can see the blogger window where I'm writing this post. Bottom left is the debugger.

Currently as you press the four keys a 'Y' appears where one of the four dots are. And it beeps, or will fairly soon.

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