Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day 1 : Creating the Bitmap Font

Hi folks and a happy new year.

A quick task today - creating the bitmap font. This is an 8x8 64 bit font, and isn't actually documented anywhere. I know what each character is (it's a slightly modified 64 bit ASCII set) but not what they look like.

Fortunately there is a mix of screen grabs, box shots and photos from which most of the font characters can be copied.

A few I've had to guess, keeping the 'serif blocky square style' of the Gimini Font - these are V,X,Z and about half the punctuation characters, as these don't appear anywhere on the screenshots.

The screenshot shows a Java app whose sole purpose is to display the font for testing.

(The running font won't have the seperator lines for each pixel)


  1. Thabnks for sharing! But isn't easier to download pixel or bitmap fonts?

  2. I was sent an AY-3-8800 to decap, and extracted the font:http://www.seanriddle.com/ay-3-8800-1.html