Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 30 : First Release

I'm finally letting the game out into the wild.  You too can have hours of fun minutes of amazement that anyone would charge for such an awful piece of software.

The game is mimiced as closely as I can figure out from the screenshots and instructions.

You can download two extra files from the links on the right. is a zip of the whole build tree (it is about 0.6Mb in total), all the source, all the code, the whole lot, you can see at first hand how erratic a programmer I am :) is a much smaller archive which has the emulator (which requires Java 6 or better) and the game ROM, plus a couple of text files, i.e. just the bits you need to work.

The emulator has been updated again, but I've just removed the sound emulation because the game doesn't use any sound at all, and I don't know how well it copes on other machines, so I've just removed the code.

Given the minor detail that tomorrow is the last day in January it is unlikely that you will get the option to play these games on your TV. This is probably a blessing.


  1. Good thing after all that the Unisonic didn't come with a Run'n'Gun type of game. It would probably have required better hardware, but also made it much more complex for you to mimic the whole game from just a few screenshots. :)

  2. A run-n-gun type of game would be funny. I did think about trying to write a game for it that didn't fit the obvious mode (e.g. card games) but ran out of time. Or I might have tried to implement the American Football game.

    Maybe next time ;-)