Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 13 : Reference Implementation & Test Program

The assembler in the archive (see link on right) has been updated to fix the following bugs :

  1. couldn't cope with upper case identifiers. Not quite sure how I missed this one :)
  2. outputting string data in 7 bit ASCII not 6 bit ASCII (e.g. 'A' was output as 65 rather than 1), the Gimini is a 6 bit ASCII machine.
  3. incorrectly handled hexadecimal constants beginning with A-F (e.g. $A7) . Careless :(
To be fair to me :) I only really started testing it when I started writing code in it. Yes, I know, bad practice.

I have also finished the 'C' reference implementation of the URM Virtual Machine, and the program used to test the implementation works, and it is downloadable from the links area.

'C' code is for Code::Blocks, the executables included are 64 bit Arch Linux 'cos that's my machine.

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